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Cafe serving new American cuisine.


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Love their food each time I order. The woman who delivers is just so nice (rather than someone who just hands you food says nothing and leaves) and she is friendly. I just wish they would stay open a little later than 2pm because then I could also order in the late afternoon for dinner. Diner style food but freshly made, the combination of those two make their food "comfort food" .....give their food a try you will love it.


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Wow. Although they were late I will give them a pass because it is Sunday morning. This is the best classic breakfast food I have had living in Florida. Clean classic not overly oiled or spiced. Scrambled eggs and chicken are perfect. Creamy grits and my daughter loved the sausage and pancakes. Super impressed. I never review either


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Currently bring on maternity leave I need alot of extra help. I've ordered Jan's all week for breakfast & it has been awesome every time! Arrives hot & delicious! My 2 year old loves the bacon & oatmeal.


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We have ordered from here a few times, both breakfast and lunch. The food is always good, they deliver in a very timely manner, and everyone is always friendly. Jans Cafe never disappoints!


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I have ordered from Jan's Cafe a few times and every time my food is hot my fries are crispy and I am delighted this time it came like 30 minutes ahead of time yay

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1 review
This would be my third time ordering and by now I have enough experience to write a review. Jans Cafe is one of the most experienced cafe's with food most enjoyable to all. Their delivery system is always on time and every single time I place an order, the food they bring to my door is just as delicious as it is correct. I will continue to order from here forever on. Especially when I'm lazy and don't feel like driving anywhere

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